Divorce & Family Law

Must I have a lawyer to get divorced?

Not necessarily. A couple with a lengthy marriage, assets (real estate, investments, retirement benefits), debts (joint or individual) and minor children (custody or parenting issues) would be foolish to attempt divorcing without the guidance of an experienced family lawyer. Couples with short marriages, few assets, low debt and no parenting issues may not need a lawyer.

Divorce isn't all about just your current situation. You also need to think about your future; what happens when circumstances change? How will what seems like a good plan now be modified in the future when things change? We take into account your present, as well as future goals, when assisting you in planning your divorce or separation.

Our office offers several paths to divorce, including mediation and collaborative practice for which we have been specifically trained. We also offer "unbundled services", should you need help with specific issues but not necessarily the entire divorce process.

If you should require legal services in areas of the law not served by this office, we can make referrals to attorneys and firms specializing or experienced in the field of law that is required.