Wills and Probate

If you don't have a Will, your assets will be distributed in accord with a plan established by state law. This plan is inflexible and does not allow for many situations typically encountered by families. Working with an attorney to plan ahead gives the family the advantage of an independent advisor.

Once a person dies having assets, whether they have a will or not, his or her estate may be subject to probate court proceedings. Debts, assets, taxes, and family dynamics can all add up to headaches for the person named in the will or chosen by the court to administer the estate. Our office can assist you in getting through the complex probate process. We have the expertise to prepare inventories, accountings and advise you on the transfer and liquidation of assets and payment of debts.

We can also assist in other probate procedures, such as stepparent adoptions, conservatorships and changes of name.

If you should require legal services in areas of the law not served by this office, we can make referrals to attorneys and firms specializing or experienced in the field of law that is required.