Real Estate

Having 40 years of residential real estate conveyance experience, we offer assistance through all steps necessary to bring about the transfer of a home:

  1. Drafting the contract or assisting you to understand the contract provided by your real estate agent.
  2. Researching the title to be sure it is free of problems which could affect you, and explaining any rights which other persons may have to your property;
  3. Providing the title insurance required by your mortgage lender;
  4. Sitting with you at the closing as your legal representative to ensure your understanding of all the complicated financial aspects of the transaction
  5. Providing the escrow services needed to transfer funds in a safe and reliable manner.

Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing you will need an attorney. We can provide the services necessary for an efficient and successful transaction.

If you should require legal services in areas of the law not served by this office, we can make referrals to attorneys and firms specializing or experienced in the field of law that is required.